Relationships require an understanding of each other’s roles. While some business transfers can be like speed dating and a shotgun wedding, most others will have more of a courtship. In either situation and any in-between, understanding each other’s objectives and needs will bring a more organic transition between parties. There is an emotional attachment to most […]

By Anthony Cullins Seven (7) years ago, The Vant Group represented a seller who was anxious to sell his business so he could enjoy the fruits of his labor. Like most sellers, he had a number in mind that he wanted for the business and was not too keen on the deal structure so long […]

By Anthony Cullins No one wants to be blindsided by real estate issues during a business transfer. Many business owners use leased real estate to house their company. There are benefits to having someone else deal with the maintenance, general upkeep, and curb appeal. Make sure to do your due diligence if you ever what […]

By Dirk Armbrust Challenge: A business owner was considering selling and retiring while still wanting to secure a future for his son who worked in the business A manufacturing business owner was introduced to The Vant Group by his attorney.  The owner was approached by a private equity (PE) firm wanting to buy the business […]

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