The Vant Valuation Process is Proven Based on Years of Successful Practice. 

Initial Meeting or Call – TVG & Business Owner

An introductory meeting will be held between TVG valuation team and business owner. The goal of this meeting is to help the business owner understand how TVG perform a business valuation, and also help TVG understand the main purpose of this valuation.

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Fill in TVG Preliminary Questionnaire – Business Owner

The business owner will be required to fill in a three-page preliminary questionnaire before TVG starts the valuation process. The business questionnaire includes the most basic and important information about the business which TVG will need for the valuation.

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Gather Financial Information – Business Owner

  • The most recent three years full Tax Returns
  • The most recent interim P&L and Balance Sheet
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A list of FF&E with fair market value

The above documents have to be provided by the business owner in order for TVG to conduct its financial analysis

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Conduct an Initial Financial Analysis – TVG

TVG will spread financials and conduct an initial financial analysis with internal financial model and/or valuation software.

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Send a list of valuation related questions – TVG

After the initial analysis, TVG will send a list of questions to the business owner. These questions can be very detailed and specific which need to be answered before continuing the valuation process.

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Answer the list questions with supporting documents – Business Owner

All the answers need to be provided with supporting documents so that TVG can verify the information. This process will require business owner’s cooperation in a timely manner.

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Verify all the add backs information from business owner – TVG

In order to make the valuation result as accurate as possible, all the add backs numbers (non-business related) from the business owner will be cross referenced to the Tax Returns not internal financial reports.

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Complete Valuation Report – TVG

TVG will complete a valuation report within 5 - 10 business days upon the receipt of confirmed information with supporting documents.

When Is a business valuation needed?
How long is the valuation process?
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