The Vant Advisory Process is Proven Based on Years of Successful Practice. 

Initial Meeting

VBA Business Advisor meets with the business owner and the leadership team to agree on scope and expectations … the goal is to quickly identify key opportunities where the company’s overall value can be significantly enhanced.  In the case of a business owner who wants to sell, fixing these opportunity areas often lead to significant increase in sale price or attractiveness of deal structure.

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Business Health Assessment (BHA)

The BHA is a proprietary VBA tool that allows the Business Advisor to obtain information and data on all major aspects of the client’s business.  Sample areas include: financial health and processes, marketing and sales, supplier management, key employee effectiveness, core operations, customer service, etc.

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On-site Research

The VBA team of seasoned operations leaders will spend time in the client’s company, with the employees, matching info gathered with the BHA to real-world activities in the client’s business.  The Business Advisor will conduct root-cause analysis on improvement opportunities to enable the development of high-impact action plans.

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Action Plan Development

The Business Advisor will work with key members of the VBA organization to review on-the-ground findings to develop an executable plan.  This plan will include a short list of the key improvement actions that will magnify the value of the business.

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Action Plan Delivery

The Business Advisor will meet with the client and the client’s leadership team to present the findings and recommended action plan.  At the end of this meeting, the business owner and his/her key leadership team will have a clear understanding of which improvement opportunities matter, how to accomplish the goals, and whether they should engage VBA to help with any of the objectives.  

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Project Management and Execution

The Business Advisor will coordinate the actions of the client’s employees and any VBA employees who may be engaged.  This critical function ensures that all resources are used in a cost-effective manner to quickly tackle the opportunities.

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Monthly Check-in and Mentorship

The Business Advisor is the client’s go-to resource on an ongoing basis.  Every leader needs a mentor.  The VBA Business Advisor will fill the role of a board member… to continue to be a sounding board and resource for the business owner.