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ID#Company TypeYear
Executive Summary with NDA
Email of Banker
AVGYSign Manufacturer - Well-Established, Semi-Absentee, Highly Profitable1987Established in 1987, for the past 30+ years, the company has specialized in manufacturing a variety of signs using 3D, digital, engraved, illumination and vinyl.Available Individual
AFMAFast Growing & Highly Profitable BPO, Software and IT Provider2004Fast growing and highly profitable business process outsourcing (BPO), software engineering and application development company. The company utilizes an offshore service business model (Pakistan) to service U.S. based clients. Beyond servicing clients in traditional and unique offshore business process functions, the company’s services include complete software development outsourcing, custom software and product development, software consulting and support and development of web, mobile and cloud-based applications. The company has displayed strong growth, high incremental margins and has significant opportunity for growth.Available Individual
DAJGSecurity Communication and Response Equipment Manufacturer1990The company is a leader in the design and implementation of critical incident notification systems. When the company began in the early 1990s, it focused on courthouses and other government facilities. Since then, the company has expanded to schools, hospitals, factories, and office buildings.

The company’s product is unique in that it delivers alarms directly to first responders. Incident notification is the crucial first step. The faster the response, the quicker and safer the resolution.

The company has almost 400 customers. In most years, at least one unique customer will represent more than 10% of sales, but it’s usually a different customer each year. Average order size is about $10,000.

Bank financing is available to borrowers that have a requisite background as dictated by the bank.
Available Individual
AVRSMedical Credentialing + Medical Billing - 40% Recurring Revenue1998The revenue and cash flow reflected in this ad represents the averages of 2020 and 2021 annualized.

The individual revenue and cash flow are as followed:

+ 2020 Revenue: $750,000 / 2020 Cash Flow: $390,000
+ 2021 Revenue: $899,000 / 2021 Cash Flow: $475,000 (Annualized)

Top Things To Know

+ Business Model #1: Help Providers get “in network” with insurance plans
+ Business Model #2: Provide medical billing services to providers (very lucrative)
+ Profit Margins: After adjustments and expenses, company has 50% Profit Margins!
+ Low Overhead: Operates in a full remote environment (no leases or utilities)
+ Nationwide Presence: Currently have over 750+ active providers in 42 states.
+ Scalability: Company can expand into new areas without new offices
+ Established Brand: Excellent reputation for outstanding work
+ Longevity: Since 1998, the company has been an industry leader for 20+ years
+ Turnkey Operations: Company is guided by well-defined systems and processes
+ Training: Seller will train free of charge for 30 days to ensure smooth transition.
Available Individual
KCJBVideo Equipment / Studio Rental Company and Video Production2006Well-established Video Equipment / Studio Rental and Video Production Company that provides rental and production services for corporate, professional, and institutional video and film productions. These services include cameras, lights, trucks, and studio rentals. In addition to their core rental services, the company also offers various video production and support services. The company is well-known in its region and services a large clientele base. The company also includes a strong workforce and all employees are tenured and cross-trained in various aspects of the business. Current owner is looking to try something new and diversify.Available Individual
DLPEWell-established Residential/Commercial Landscaping Business198930+ year old, well established residential/commercial lawn and landscaping business operating in affluent market within Dallas/Fort Worth area. This is a great opportunity to acquire a repetitive book of business in a sought after marketplace. The business has approximately 40-50% of its revenue coming from lawn maintenance work that is predictable and repetitive, and the remainder coming from landscaping projects (new installations, plantings, repair-work), predominantly from their existing customers. Tremendous opportunity to grow. The owner, who has owned the business for over 30 years, is looking to retire.Available Individual
AVPJAudio / Video Installation Company2002Established in 2002, for the past 19 years, the company has specialized in designing and installing custom residential and small business entertainment and technology systems (home theaters, automation, commercial-grade networks, etc.). The company specifies custom mid- to high-end electronic systems to fulfill the lifestyle and entertainment needs/wants of our discerning clients. This includes all phases: design, installation, programming, and service of these systems. “Systems” range from a simple TV and sound bar installation to a full-blown cinema room. For small businesses, the company will design and install conference room systems, and whole-office music for doctors’ exam rooms.Available Individual
AGKTMultifaceted Electrical Contractor (specializing in oil & gas)1994An established and proven firm focused on the design and construction of fluid handling systems. These services are specialized for the oil and gas industry but have expansion opportunities. The company employs a talented workforce of 5 full-time employees and 1 part-time worker. The seller acts as the General Manager of operations and is responsible for the bidding of projects and the negotiating of agreements, as well as the execution and supervision of the actual project. Available Individual
AGTTWell-Established 3 Location Tanning Salon2008Fast growing company in the airbrush tanning industry providing 3 locations in the DFW area and mobile services. The company started in 2008 and has experienced consistent growth and loyal clientele. Over 50% of new referrals are word of mouth. The company has built strong relationships within the 3 locations and relationships that are event driven, weddings, body building, and convention events. Airbrush tanning continues to accelerate as an alternative to sun rays and UV tanning. Both health and time are in the best interest of the client.Available Individual
AFMDMulti-unit Pizza and Specialties Restaurant2008The company operates a three location pizza and specialty restaurant concept, offering a wide selection of pizza, specialty pizzas, calzones, salads, sandwiches, desserts and beer & wine in an upbeat setting with music, TVs and rock posters lining the wall. The units are strongly positioned with two in McKinney, TX and one in Frisco, TX, each favorably located and/or alongside stable tenants with solid traffic patterns. The business is supported by a knowledgeable and experienced work force and a strong reputation for quality food and service levels. The units are well-equipped, maintained properly and have ample seating capacity to either dine-in or take-out orders. The business provides a new owner the opportunity to start with a strong foundation with a business generating stable cash flows, simple operating plan, ability to leverage three units and their locations, but, importantly, opportunity for upside driven by potential delivery service, increased catering efforts, new offerings and enhanced marketing and advertising plans to grow the businessAvailable Individual
DAGBCarved Out Intermodal Logistics Company2018Company provides intermodal services of agricultural products for a large key customer under a long-term agreement. Order sizes tend to be larger than most businesses and average approximately $6,000.

The parent company provides centralized accounting and other services. During the initial transition period the Buyer will be expected to assume the duties of the Operator (who will return to the parent company).

This is a motivated Seller. Parent company is carving out this location as part of the parent company’s bankruptcy.
Under LOI Individual
AGMAWeb-Based Martial Arts Training Platform2008Fast growing online web-based online martial arts training platform that offers one-on-one instructions, traditional training, and over 90+ classes and 125+ technique lessons that cover a multitude of different martial art disciplines. The company currently has a well-established team of contractors in place. Many who have been working in their roles for 2-4 years. The company operates with little owner involvement at this moment in time, with a well-trained Director contracted, to manage the team of contractors (instructors + support staff).
Under LOI Individual
AFRSAutomated Accounting SaaS Company2008The business is a highly profitable and automated software driven bookkeeping service. These
services include accounts payable, scanned invoice document management system, weekly check
runs, bank reconciliations, sales tax preparation and financial reporting, along with best practice
benchmarking.. The business is 100% monthly recurring revenue with a subscription based model
driven by its own enabled software, providing differentiation in the marketplace. While the company
has been focused on a specific end market, the business has significant potential to expand and grow.
Under LOI Individual
KCBGSemi-Absentee Packaging Solutions & Services Company1985This well-established company with contractual revenue engineers and distributes innovatively efficient packaging solutions to a multitude of industries. From standard to custom packaging solutions, the company offers state of the art systems to ensure the highest levels of client satisfaction. Leveraging latest technologies and deep analytics, the company streamlines clients’ packaging processes, providing automated solutions to help meet any timeline. Specializing in everything from packaging design to military-approved containers, the company offers packing solutions and services such as medical packaging, food process packaging, vendor managed inventory, digital printing packaging, automation solutions, custom packaging, moving and storage, cosmetic packaging, manufacturing, fulfillment warehouse packaging, and continuous improvement programs. The company‘s robust adaptive capabilities have allowed it remain a competitive leader in the evermore diversifying arena of packaging.Under LOI Individual