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Executive Summary with NDA
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DECRSBA Pre-Approved Dallas Area Med Spa2012High Quality Cosmetic Treatments - A med spa is a combination of a traditional day spa and a medical clinic. Day spas focus primarily on relaxation, but med spas are powered more by results. Med spas offer specialized treatments and cosmetic services – such as injections and treatments to improve skin tone and the appearance of wrinkles – but in a relaxing, welcoming facility.

Med spas are run by physicians, and although not every procedure is carried out by a doctor, they are all performed under the supervision of a licensed physician, making treatments and procedures safer and with less risk of complications. Med spas give you peace of mind by offering state-of-the-art, medical-grade procedures. This is because a lot of cosmetic services and treatments cannot be performed unless you have credentials and certified experience.

Top Details/Business Activity
Over 10 years in Business
Average Order - $250 per ticket
Owner is a part time Injector
Employees are able to back up each other
No one customers exceeds 10% of sales
Provide high quality cosmetic treatments
Bank financing is available to borrowers that have a requisite background as dictated by the bank
Growth in the industry is expected to have a 14.9% rate through 2030
Room for growth at current location with the use of additional room and/or bringing on more injectors.

Excellent Location
Repeat and Reoccurring Customers
Continuity of Care between different Injectors
Prepay services provide tremendous cash flow support for business
Well-equipped facility
AVTBSemi-Absentee Real Estate Brokerage Franchise and Property Management Company1990Well-established real estate brokerage franchise and property management company with over 30+ years of experience that provides real estate services to sellers and buyers of residential and commercial properties. The company also offers property management services that generates about $700k in gross revenue a year. The company is guided by well-defined systems and processes that allows its agents to be the most productive in the marketplace (based on transactions by agents). There is a General Manager who runs the company. The seller is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Top Details/Business Activity
Longevity: Established in 1990, the company has been an industry leader over 30 years.
Turnkey Operations: The company is guided by well-defined systems and processes.
Management: The company has a General Manager that runs the day-to-day operations of the company.
Workforce: The company has 6 full-time, 6 part-time employees, and 80 agents who are highly skilled.
Established Brand: Voted #1 most trusted real estate agents in the USA and most productive agents by transactions per agent.
Low Turnover: Over 90% of Agents have been with the company for more than 2 years.
Stable Revenues: $2.3 million+ in gross revenue over the past 4 years.
Robust Cash Flow Margins: 14.5%+ cash flow margins over the past 4 years
Strong Cash Flow: $345,000+ in cash flow in over the past 4 years.
Opportunity: Includes a mortgage brokerage franchise business that is primed for growth, the seller desires $150,000 for this additional business (based on investment amount into business); however, is open to negotiate.

Real Estate
Land and Buildings (not included in purchase price) can also be acquired in conjunction with business for:
Location 1 - $4,800,000
Location 2 - $1,800,000
Location 3 - $1,200,000

Systems – The company has systems in place to run all aspects of the business.
Manager & Bookkeeper – Both are great and knowledgeable.
Staff – The company has very low turnovers and staff is well trained.
Locations – All locations are highly visible in great areas.
Agents – The company has the most productive agents in the area on average based on transactions per agent.

Very competitive marketplace
Rising interest rates

The Company has a total of 6 full time employees, 6 part time employees and 80 agents. The key employees include a General Manager and Team Lead / Trainer.
Available Individual
AVSSEstablished Luxury Nail Salon Franchise2020The company is a well-established and fast-growing national nail salon franchise founded 8 years ago in Florida. The company specializes in high quality nontoxic affordable luxury nail salon services. All training is done at the franchise's headquarters in Florida to ensure that that all locations across the country are consistent in offering high end quality service. There is an Executive Director who run the company with the help of two Directors and three Assistant Directors. The seller works minimal hours in the business and their responsibilities in the business include; Payroll, recruiting/hiring, bookkeeping, leadership guidance.

Top Details/Business Activity
Business Model: Provides high–end affordable luxury nontoxic quality nail salon services, the business is semi-absentee
Turnkey Operations: Company is guided by well-defined systems and processes
Management: The company has an Executive Director and two Directors that run the day-to-day operations of the company.
Workforce: The company has 10 full-time and 15 part-time employees who are highly skilled
Facility: The company has 12 manicure stations & 7 pedicure stations (17 total service stations) plus 3 front desk stations & waiting area seating for 6-8
Established Brand: National brand that has an excellent reputation for outstanding quality work
Clean Books and Records: The seller runs through the company

Healthy clean products & nontoxic polishes
Fume free & immaculately clean environment
Fun lively vibe with beautiful trendy décor
Positive team atmosphere, most talented nail artists in the area, staff always comes first

Not a rush in & out type of service, focus is on quality & luxurious experience
Often have to book appointment days in advance, or weeks in advance for specific nail artist requests
Not in a shopping center (standalone building), but plenty of foot traffic in the trendy nightlife area
Highly dependent on staff, so employee retention of key roles is critical to success

The Company has a total of 10 full time employees and 15 part time employees. The key employees are an Executive Director, 2 Directors, and 3 Assistant Directors
Available Individual
AGKRWell Established Commercial Demolition Contractor1994The company is a demolition contractor with an established reputation in its area and is known for outstanding industrial, commercial, and residential demolition solutions. The company utilizes innovative ways when completing jobs. Whether the job requires interior demolition services for residential or exterior demolition solutions for commercial, the company specializes in both services.

Top Details/Business Activity:

Successfully in business for 28 years
Average Order is $50,000
Owner performs contract bidding, negotiating, project execution, and supervision.
Employee supervisor will remain
Company is guided by well-defined systems and processes
Diverse customer base within Tucson
Main business activity is demolition services
Demolition market in Arizona estimated at $150M
Bank financing is available to borrowers that have a requisite background as dictated by the bank


Well established reputation with experience and knowledge
Loyal customer with repeat business
Lean and mean operations
Very experienced labor force/cross trained in related work
No debt, all equipment owned, no mortgage


Marketing is all word of mouth
Owners are no longer aggressively pursuing expansion in the marketplace

Marketing Strategy:

Implement digital marketing strategy
Hire inside sales to field incoming opportunities.
Available Individual
AVAFManaged Service Provider / IT Services2006• Business Model: Provides IT services to SMEs with an emphasis on Managed Cloud Solutions
• Recurring Revenue: On average, 85% of the company’s revenue is recurring.
• Established Brand: Excellent reputation for outstanding on-time and on budget work
• Longevity: Established in 2006, the company has been an industry leader for 15+ years
• Turnkey Operations: Company is guided by well-defined systems and processes
• Workforce: Company normally has 10 employees - 8 Full-Time (1 Vacant) and 2 Part-Time
• NO Client Concentration: No client represents more than 3% of revenue.
• Multi-Sector Client Base: Company has Commercial clients as well as K-12 and governments.
• Turnkey Operations: Company is guided by well-defined systems and processes
• Geography: Company has a nationwide client footprint
• Location: HQ is in Massachusetts, but company has a satellite WeWork office in the southeast
Available Individual
DAJGSecurity Communication and Response Equipment Manufacturer1990The company is a leader in the design and implementation of critical incident notification systems. When the company began in the early 1990s, it focused on courthouses and other government facilities. Since then, the company has expanded to schools, hospitals, factories, and office buildings.

The company’s product is unique in that it delivers alarms directly to first responders. Incident notification is the crucial first step. The faster the response, the quicker and safer the resolution.

The company has almost 400 customers. In most years, at least one unique customer will represent more than 10% of sales, but it’s usually a different customer each year. Average order size is about $10,000.

Bank financing is available to borrowers that have a requisite background as dictated by the bank.
Available Individual
AVMBCustom Sign Designer and Manufacturer1991The company is a full-service architectural signage company. The company provides services for architects, interior designers, general contractors and property management companies. These services include design, manufacturing and installation of a variety of different exterior signages. By offering a unique combination of customer service and innovative design. The company has become a go-to resource for exterior signage and company branding and is a mainstay in the Dallas area.Available Individual
AVGEFast-Growing Logistics Brokerage Franchise2019Fast growing franchise specializing in global forwarding, as well as providing logistic brokerage services and the company also does third party warehousing and handles freight logistics for companies. The seller acts as the General Manager and oversees operations, onboarding process of new clients, talent acquisition, and sets the standard for quality and sales expectations for the company.

Top Details/Business Activity
Growing Revenue: 36.9% in average gross revenue YOY growth over the past 2 years
Strong Cash Flow: $1.4M+ in cash flow in 2022
Robust Cash Flow Margins: Has average 48% cash flow margins over the past 2 years
Turnkey Operations: Company is guided by well-defined systems and processes
Clean Books and Records: The seller runs ZERO addbacks through the company.
Established Brand: Excellent reputation for outstanding on-time and on budget work.
No Marketing: 90% - 95% of business comes from referrals and repeat business
Bank financing is available to borrowers that have a requisite background as dictated by the bank

Well established reputation
Business Development
Customer Service
Strong operational execution and excellence
Unlimited growth potential


Marketing Strategy
There is both an outside sales force. The owners, is the full-time outside salesperson.

Reason for selling:
Retiring and to spend more time with father who is 91.5 years old.

Under LOI Individual
DESRSemi-Absentee E-Commerce Specialty Retailer1976Fast growing e-commerce company. Business switched away from a wholesale model to an e-commerce, direct to consumer platform, and has experienced tremendous growth. The business has an Operations Manager who oversees day to day operations. The owners spend less than 6 hours a week working with the business. The business has existed for over 45 years and the owners are ready to retire. Under LOI Individual