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Executive Summary with NDA
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JDEUWell Established Concrete Pumping Contractor1999Founded over 20 years ago, the company is a family-owned business that has a rich heritage in the concrete construction sector. Since acquiring its first pump in 1999, the company has honed its focus exclusively on concrete pumping, allowing its customers to manage the contracting. The company’s skilled operators bring vast experience in both concrete work and pump truck operations. Committed to excellence, the company operates a fleet of modern trucks to ensure consistent reliability. The services range span a 100-mile radius, guaranteeing satisfaction for its clients.

Top Details/Business Activity
Business Model: As a trusted provider, the company offers concrete pump trucks along with skilled operators, specifically catering to commercial general contractors.
Turnkey Operations: The operations are streamlined with established systems and processes, ensuring consistent and efficient service delivery.
Strong Revenue Growth: The company has seen a remarkable revenue increase of over 50% in the past year.
Robust Cash Flow Margin: In 2021 and 2022, the company maintained a healthy average cash flow margin of 22.9%, which has surged to an average of 35.2% in 2023 and 2024.
Strong Cash Flow: The company generated $3.13 million in cash flow in 2023 and is projected to increase to $3.64 million in 2024.
Limited Marketing: An impressive over 95% of business volume comes from referrals and repeat clients, highlighting the company's commitment to quality and reliability.
Assets Included: The company possesses fixed assets of over $8,000,000, including a fleet of pump trucks and other critical equipment.
Established Brand: The company has built a reputation for punctuality, adhering to budgets, and delivering superior quality, which has helped establish a strong brand over the years.
Large New Contract: Recently, the company secured a significant contract worth $15,000,000.

Consistent Growth in Annual Sales
Experienced and Valuable Team Members
Comprehensive and Current Financial Records
Broad and Loyal Clientele
Clearly Defined Organizational Structures and Roles

Possible Substantial Capital Investment Needed for Further Growth

Reason for selling

Included in offering
Working Capital: up to $810,000

Fixed Assets: $8,079,000

Support and Training
The Owner genuinely desires an effective business transition with seamless customer service through to the buyer. They will train a buyer for 30 days. An additional consulting contract can be obtained.
Available Individual
AVKRGourmet Wine Bar/Bistro and Event Venue2005The Company is a multifaceted establishment that uniquely combines a winery, wine bar/bistro, and event venue to create a comprehensive wine-centric experience. It offers an array of products and services, including on-site wine consumption, take-home purchases, and wholesale wine sales. Additionally, the venue features extensive event space rentals, complete with full food service and specialized catering for various events. This integration makes it a prime destination for wine enthusiasts and a versatile locale for hosting both casual and formal gatherings.

Top Details/Business Activity
Business Model: Winery, wine bar/bistro, and event venue, offering comprehensive services including wine sales, space rentals, and catering to create a full wine experience.
Longevity: Since its establishment in 2005, the company has been a community mainstay for nearly 20 years.
Established Brand: It maintains an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding products and services.
Assets: Included in the sale are fixed assets valued at $693,000, inventory worth $468,000, and $39,000 in Accounts Receivables.
Stable Revenues: The company has consistently generated an average gross revenue of $1.4 million over the last four years.
Event Space Rental Growth: Over the past five years, event space rentals have seen a compound annual growth rate of 6%.
Training: The sellers are committed to a seamless transition and will provide three months of training at no charge.

Established History and Longevity
High Rate of Repeat Customers
Robust Community Support and Following
Successful Retention of Staff
Commitment to Work-Life Balance

Absence of a Defined Exit or Transition Plan
Rising Costs of Wine
Escalating Labor Expenses
Lack of Strategy for Entering New Markets
Requirement for Innovative Ideas

Marketing Strategy:
The company has intensified its focus on Google and SEO strategies, significantly boosting its online visibility. This enhanced online presence has led to an increase in event bookings. These efforts have effectively expanded its digital footprint and market reach.

Reason for selling:
The owners have owned and operated the business for nearly 20 years and are now ready to explore new ventures and opportunities. Eager to transition their focus, they are prepared to embark on different endeavors.

Available Individual
AVDPOphthalmology Practice with $500,000+ SDE1977The Company is a distinguished Ophthalmology Practice, renowned for offering a wide spectrum of eye care and medical services. This includes everything from routine eye examinations to sophisticated surgical procedures. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, their adept team specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a diverse range of eye conditions. Committed to delivering outstanding patient care, they ensure that each patient receives personalized and thorough treatment, solidifying their reputation as a leader in eye health services.

Top Details/Business Activity
Established History: Founded in 1977, the company has a rich history spanning over 45 years, positioning it as a venerable leader in its industry.
Consistent Growth: Demonstrated a steady upward trajectory with
more than $500,000 in cash flow for 2023, indicative of robust
financial health.
Impressive Profit Margins: Maintained a remarkable average cash flow margin of 33% across the past three years, illustrating efficiency and profitability.
Renowned Brand Identity: The company is widely recognized for its outstanding work and has cultivated an excellent reputation, reinforcing its brand strength.
Loyal Customer Base: Features a strong client mix, with 80% of its business sourced from repeat and returning patients, highlighting client trust and satisfaction.
Substantial New Patient Acquisition: Despite the high rate of
repeat business, 20% of the clientele consists of new patients,
demonstrating effective market penetration and appeal.
Significant Asset Holdings: Equipped with over $200,000 in fixed
assets, which bolsters its operational capabilities and market value.
Strategic Location: The company benefits from a strategically
chosen location, enhancing accessibility and visibility to its target market.
Dedicated Team: Employs a skilled and committed workforce,
contributing to its high service standards and operational success.
Innovative Practices: Continuously adopts innovative techniques
and technologies, keeping it at the forefront of industry advancements and customer expectations.
Diverse Service Offerings: Offers a wide range of services, catering to a broad spectrum of client needs and enhancing revenue streams.

Real Estate
Land and Building (not included in purchase price) can also be acquired in conjunction with business.

The Company employs a total of eight staff members, consisting of four full-time and four part-time employees. The core team includes a Medical Doctor, Clinic Manager, Office Manager, Surgical Coordinator, and a Technician.

Minimal Owner Perks
Well-Structured and Current Financial Records
Detailed Organizational Structure and Clear Job Descriptions

Requirement for More Medical Practitioners

Reason for selling:
Available Individual
AVAG 35+ Year Well-Established Family Medical Practice with $1 Mil+ Cash Flow1986The company is a 37-year-old family medical practice that has been a cornerstone in its community, serving a diverse range of patients and meeting their medical needs with utmost professionalism and compassion. This well-established practice prides itself on delivering top-quality medical care with a focus on preventive wellness. With a dedicated team of experienced doctors, nurses, and staff, the company strives to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of every individual who walks through its doors. Offering a wide extent of medical services and maintaining extensive hours of availability, the practice has built an excellent reputation for outstanding service. One of the key highlights of this family medical practice is its impressive financial performance. With cash flow expected to exceed $1 million in 2023 and an average gross revenue of $3.6 million over the past four years, the company has demonstrated consistent profitability and financial stability. Its strong referral and repeat business, accounting for 90%-95% of its total clientele, further attest to the trust and value placed in its services. Guided by well-defined systems and processes and supported by a highly trained staff with low employee turnover, this turnkey operation represents a beacon of medical excellence within its community.

Top Details/Business Activity
Business Model: Family Medical Practice
Longevity: With 37 years in business, the practice has a proven track record, showcasing stability and experience.
Revenues and Cash Flow: A stable revenue stream of $3.6 million averaged over four years and strong cash flow in 2023 indicates financial health.
Client Acquisition: With 90-95% of the business coming from referrals and repeat customers, the practice seems to have a strong client base that trusts and values its services.
Workforce: Low employee turnover and highly trained staff reflect a positive work environment and efficiency in operations.
Brand: The excellent reputation for service signals a well-established brand presence.
Turnkey Operations: Defined systems and processes make it easier for a new owner to take over without overhauling the entire business structure.

Service & Willingness to Adapt to Market: This strength showcases flexibility and the ability to adjust to market trends, which is vital in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Has led to client loyalty and the ability to stay ahead and quickly respond to industry changes.
Top Quality Medical Care: Signifies a commitment to the highest standards of patient care. Enhancing reputation, encouraging referrals, and contributing to higher patient retention rates.
Focus on Preventive Wellness: Emphasizes a proactive approach to health, rather than just treating illness. Attracting a segment of the market interested in maintaining health and wellness, leading to a broader client base.
Wide Extent of Medical Services: Offering a broad range of services has made the practice a one-stop solution for many patients’ needs. Enhancing convenience for patients and increasing overall revenue by providing multiple services under one roof.
Extensive Hours of Availability: By being available outside regular business hours, the practice has attracted patients who need flexibility due to their schedules. Leading to increased patient numbers and satisfaction by accommodating various schedules.
Location: The practice is situated in a convenient and accessible location, enhancing accessibility and convenience for patients, allowing them to attract more local clientele.

Limited Space
Limited Storage
Outdated Furnishings
Limited Parking Space

Reason for selling:
Available Individual
AVDWFast Growing Auto Rental Recovery Business 2008The company specializes in comprehensive investigations and recovery of assets tailored to car rental agencies, by locating and recovering vehicles that are overdue or have not been returned by renters. Unlike traditional repossession companies, the company employs a unique approach to vehicle retrieval. The company does not own repo trucks or maintain vehicle storage lots. Instead, once a vehicle is located, the company arranges for it to be directly returned to a rental agency's location. The company also developed an intuitive and user-friendly website; it acts as an efficient tool to help its clients manage the assigned territory. Moreover, the company utilizes a network of sub-contract agents to provide detailed field reports, giving you a comprehensive view of the investigation progress.

Top Details/Business Activity
Longevity: Established in 2008, the company has been an industry leader for several years
Business Model: The company recovers rental vehicles for rental car agencies that have not been returned by its customers.
Stable Revenues: With an average gross revenue of over $13 million over the past three years, the company's consistent and stable revenue stream is a notable strength, showcasing their ability to maintain a strong position in the market.
Strong Cash Flow: With expected cash flow of over $5 million in 2023, the company's strong cash flow is a testament to its financial management and operational efficiency.
Robust Cash Flow Margin: The company's impressive cash flow margin of over 26%+ over the past three years signifies strong profitability and financial health. Maintaining such healthy margins indicates effective cost management and a sustainable business model.
Clean Books and Records: The Seller Runs ZERO Addbacks through the Company.

Nationwide Network of Agents: With an extensive presence spanning across the country, the company can rapidly respond to rental vehicle recovery requests from various regions and cities.
Ability to Prepay Expenses to Bill Client: This unique and proactive approach streamlines the recovery process, as the company takes care of upfront expenses and later bills the client accurately and transparently. This financial assistance fosters strong client relationships, alleviates the financial stress for their clients, and distinguishes the company from competitors.
Ability to Understand Client’s Urgent Needs: In the dynamic and time-sensitive world of auto rental recovery, the company excels in its exceptional ability to grasp and address clients' urgent needs promptly.
Client Portal: The company developed an intuitive and user-friendly website; it acts as an efficient tool to help its clients manage the assigned territory. It provides essential real-time information about ongoing investigations and status of auto recovery.

Customer Concentration: Largest client is over 95% of total sales; however, the company has adapted to become the main vendor for this client, significantly minimizing the risk of losing the client and enhancing client retention and has 3-year auto renewal master contract with largest client.

Market Investigative Services to Related Industries: Offer investigative services to auto lenders, leasing companies, banks, and credit unions by expanding the company’s utilization of the Recovery Database Network (RDN), a software platform that tracks repossession orders. The company’s expertise in locating and recovering assets can be valuable for these industries as well.
Recapture prior rental car recovery business: Revisiting prior clients is an avenue for growth. The company elected to end servicing of a prior client due to pricing structure changes in 2012. However, the prior client has since undergone new management.
Attract Smaller Regional Rental Car Companies: Targeting smaller regional rental car companies presents an opportunity to expand the client base. Smaller companies will appreciate the specialized approach and personalized service.
Expand Services for Current Customers: Expand the services offered for current clients by adding additional field agents, office staff, and additional services.
Market to Equipment Rental Industry: Applying the company’s expertise to the equipment rental industry can be a strategic move. The principles of asset recovery and location apply to various types of rental assets.

The owner acknowledges a single client constitutes over 95% of the business's sales. Recognizing the potential risk this poses to buyers, the owner is amenable to diverse transaction structures, including upfront cash payment, an earn-out based on future performance, seller financing through an owner note, or a stock swap to ensure a fair and appealing deal. The final terms aim to balance both parties' interests and address the unique revenue concentration.
Available Individual
AVTBSemi-Absentee Real Estate Brokerage Franchise and Property Management Company1990Well-established real estate brokerage franchise and property management company with over 30+ years of experience that provides real estate services to sellers and buyers of residential and commercial properties. The company also offers property management services that generates about $700k in gross revenue a year. The company is guided by well-defined systems and processes that allows its agents to be the most productive in the marketplace (based on transactions by agents). There is a General Manager who runs the company. The seller is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Top Details/Business Activity
Longevity: Established in 1990, the company has been an industry leader over 30 years.
Turnkey Operations: The company is guided by well-defined systems and processes.
Management: The company has a General Manager that runs the day-to-day operations of the company.
Workforce: The company has 6 full-time, 6 part-time employees, and 80 agents who are highly skilled.
Established Brand: Voted #1 most trusted real estate agents in the USA and most productive agents by transactions per agent.
Low Turnover: Over 90% of Agents have been with the company for more than 2 years.
Stable Revenues: $2.3 million+ in gross revenue over the past 4 years.
Robust Cash Flow Margins: 14.5%+ cash flow margins over the past 4 years
Strong Cash Flow: $345,000+ in cash flow in over the past 4 years.
Opportunity: Includes a mortgage brokerage franchise business that is primed for growth, the seller desires $150,000 for this additional business (based on investment amount into business); however, is open to negotiate.

Real Estate
Land and Buildings (not included in purchase price) can also be acquired in conjunction with business for:
Location 1 - $4,800,000
Location 2 - $1,800,000
Location 3 - $1,200,000

Systems – The company has systems in place to run all aspects of the business.
Manager & Bookkeeper – Both are great and knowledgeable.
Staff – The company has very low turnovers and staff is well trained.
Locations – All locations are highly visible in great areas.
Agents – The company has the most productive agents in the area on average based on transactions per agent.

Very competitive marketplace
Rising interest rates

The Company has a total of 6 full time employees, 6 part time employees and 80 agents. The key employees include a General Manager and Team Lead / Trainer.
Available Individual