Exit Strategies for Business Owners

Get the Vant Seller’s Advantage

We sell over 90% of all listings sold at 97% of appraised price.

Selling your business may very well be the largest financial transaction of your life—whether realized in gains or losses. The difference will be in how well your sell-side representative sources the best buyer and how accurately the value of your company is developed—and presented to that buyer. We offer the strongest sell-side performance metrics in the industry. We call it the Vant Seller’s Advantage. You’ll call hiring us your best call ever.

The advantage begins from the very start of the selling process—with the right questions. From there, your TVG Business Intermediary will provide a priority list of the most likely type of buyers—and how to best sell to each. 

Why Should I Choose The Vant Group to Sell My Business
How to Sell to My Partners or Employees?
What is My Business Worth
What Factors Impact Value
Who Will Buy My Business?
What Is the Selling Process?
What If I Have a Buyer
Why Use an Intermediary?
What if I'm Not Ready Now
Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling a Business
When should I develop an exit strategy?
Is My Company Ready for Sale?
What is my company worth?
How do I maintain confidentiality in the marketing process?
Does the Vant Group have buyers for my company?
Who will be my contact person at The Vant Group?
What is the Vant Group's fee Structure?
Exclusive representation?
Geographical respresentation of The Vant Group?
What can a business broker do and, what can't they do?
How long does it take to sell my business?
Why is seller financing so important to the sale of my business?
What happens when there is a buyer for my business?
What can I do to help sell my business?