We Can Provide the Facilitation If You Have a Buyer

What if I have a buyer? If so, what services can The Vant Group provide?  We recognize that in some instances, a business owner may have their own potential buyer prospect. Most of the time, these prospects do not move forward because the buyer and seller are unaware of the process and ultimately a deal never materializes. A qualified Business Broker proves invaluable in this process since both parties most likely will have never been through the process.

We have developed a process we term, Facilitation, that we feel mitigates this issue for sellers. In this scenario, TVG will perform the functions listed below for a reduced success fee. In the business transfer process, historically, finding a buyer is only 20% of the process. Actually walking a buyer and seller through the process and ultimately going to closing is the lion’s share of the work. While our fee will vary depending on the situation, our business intermediaries will be ready to discuss this with you.

Facilitation Functions

  • Consultation with seller and review of seller’s documentation
  • Development of marketing plan and marketing package (if applicable)
  • Assistance in determining asking price and deal structure
  • Coordinate and facilitate all buyer / seller meetings
  • Additional consultations with buyer / seller
  • Assisting buyer (if applicable) with preparation of offer to purchase or letter of intent and presentation to seller
  • Act as a buffer between buyer / seller during negotiations
  • Offer follow-up with buyer / seller
  • Meetings with buyer / seller to coordinate buyer due diligence
  • Consultations with buyer / seller and outside advisors
  • Assist buyer in obtaining financing (if applicable)
  • Coordination of closing and other documentation with attorneys
  • Consultation with parties regarding transfer of licenses, utilities, etc.
  • Assist with and coordinate the closing and subsequent transfer of the business


Though fees vary on the size of the transaction, on all transactions there is a preparation fee and a success fee at closing.