By Dirk Armbrust Challenge: A business owner was considering selling and retiring while still wanting to secure a future for his son who worked in the business A manufacturing business owner was introduced to The Vant Group by his attorney.  The owner was approached by a private equity (PE) firm wanting to buy the business […]

Does any single customer represent more than 10% of your revenues?  From an evaluation standpoint, some prospective business buyers would consider a single customer accounting for 10-15% of a company’s sales as a major negative.  Almost all prospective buyers would consider client concentration of 30% or more in just two to three customers as a […]

Printing Money May Not be One of the Options for Financing a Business Transfer, but There are Options Out There. For small to medium-sized businesses, there are several types of funding sources for financing a business transfer. Each type is governed by the same basic factors, such as; transaction size, asset base, type of company […]

Who is Your Buyer? Before starting the selling process, determining where your potential buyer will come from will put you ahead of the game. Know who your buyer really is. Each business transaction is different, but there are common factors to any deal. There are certain main aspects of a buyer, each with their own […]

Business Insights: Understanding Different Types of Buyers, the Buyer to Business Match-up There are numerous possibilities for the types of buyers to whom a business would be sold. Options are often limited by the nature of the business (ie: the industry, the company’s size, profitability, the number of employees, whether family members are involved in […]