Closed Deal Case Study: Unrealistic Expectations of Business Value Challenge:  Business owner neglect led to a significant revenue decline without understanding the impact on the business value A business owner that sold home décor contacted The Vant Group (TVG) to sell their business. The business was over 10 years old and the owner was becoming […]

By David M. Wang, Esq. Collective Insights on business ownership has David Wang posing the question to business owners, “Should I Give Employees Equity in the Business?” with added food for thought from our in-house attorney consultant.   Many business owners need to find ways to recruit and retain employees. The cost of training employees […]

Losing Sight of the Big Picture is Easy to Do Challenge: To Recognize the True Value of an Acquisition, Not Just Focusing on Today TVG represented a project-based business that had a few million dollars in current backlog. This backlog represented over 100% of the current yearly revenue. When we went to market, our valuation was based […]

Knowing and Understanding ODCF – Owner’s Discretionary Cash Flow It cannot be stressed enough the importance of verifiable cash flow on a small business. Replacing an income from corporate America is the main drive for a high percentage of first-time buyers. They are typically looking for a small business to “cut their teeth on” for […]