Looking for an exit strategy that will maximize the value of your business?

Selling your business to employees or partners can maximize its value. Selling to your partners or employees is

Selling your business to employees or partners can maximize its value.

Selling to your partners or employees is a viable and highly-profitable exit strategy that can maximize the value of your sale.

Your partners and employees work in the business daily and understand the value proposition of the business—much better than anyone else. By using the Vant Funding Advantage, a Partner / Employee buyout can easily be an easily structured transaction to finance—assuming the Partner / Employee acquires 100% of the company. TVG will guide you through the process to initiate the transaction with a 0% – 10% down payment—based on the equity currently held in the business.

TVG offers the following support functions:

  • Provide an independent business valuation to understand and execute goals of seller
  • Consultation on the process
  • Development of a marketing plan and marketing package
  • Determine deal structure and asking price
  • Facilitate buyer/seller meetings
  • Assist buyer with structure preparation that meets the seller’s objectives
  • Act as an intermediary between buyer/seller to ensure successful transaction
  • Offer follow-up with buyer/seller
  • Buyer due diligence
  • Bring in outside expert counsel when necessary
  • Arrange financing
  • Coordination of closing and other documentation with attorneys
  • Ensure completion of all legal documents, transfer of licenses, utilities, etc.
  • Detailed closing checklist

Our specialized business expertise defines The Vant Group. We provide effective and actionable business transfer intelligence to our client partners—as we exercise the highest standards of professional competence and ethics. Whether you need representation for Buying or Selling a company, Business Valuations, Business Debt Funding or Advisory Services to build a business; TVG has you covered by our Five-Point Advantage.


The Vant Group Advantage

Our Company
• Experienced M&A firm since 1999
• Specialize in transactions for businesses with revenues up to $100 Million
• Focused on the Southwest U.S. with a national footprint
• Motivated staff of MBAs and prior business owners
• Authority on Business Transfer having authored two books: Exit and Entrance
• Innovative Five-Point Advantage

Our Difference
• Experienced in the Art of the Business Transfer
– TVG longevity and high number of closed transactions
• Entrepreneurial Mindset
– Buying and selling for our own portfolio for over 20 years
• Proactive Approach
– Anticipating and eliminating “deal killers” before they happen
• Proven Methodology
– Systematic approach throughout the entire process
• Relationship Driven
– Extensive relationships with buyers, bankers, and professional service providers

Our Numbers
• 1999 one of the oldest M&A firms in the DFW area
• 80% of our listings sold vs. the industry average of 38%
• 97% of the appraised price was obtained consistently
• 500+ closed business transaction sales
• $600 Million in combined business transaction value
• 300+ completed loans
• $250 Million in completed loan value
• 20+ years of buying and selling businesses for our own portfolio
• 10,000+ active buyers in our database; both individual and investments groups

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