Keeping the Business Deal Alive Recently, a wealth management professional approached us about a client of his.  This client owned a large industrial distribution business and was being courted over a long period of time by a private equity-backed competitor.  She was interested in selling but wanted to make sure it was the right deal […]

Selling a business takes effort and time; a business broker ensures confidentiality, financially qualified prospects, deal negotiations, and a successful closing.  Pricing a business In conjunction with a CPA, a business broker conducts a thorough market analysis, determining the best price for your business. Buyer prospecting Once a business owner has decided to sell his […]

It has been well documented that only a low number of small businesses listed actually sell. While there is a myriad of reasons why overpriced businesses are quite common thus accounting for a high percentage of them going unsold. Anyone who studies markets knows that markets can swing. Sometimes the markets are bullish, and prices can […]

Challenge:  There was a significant change in the profit and loss (P&L) statement from the seller after TVG had already marketed an EBITDA number and found a Buyer based on the original inaccurate data. Since, the seller was unaware of his own financial numbers and not familiar with how to read financial statements, he gave […]

 While each business acquisition transaction varies in its complexity and size, knowledge of the process will help keep you on the path to a successful close. Owner’s decision to sell  Intermediaries understand that there are two elements necessary for a successful business sale: The business offering must make economic sense to both a buyer and […]

TVG was engaged to represent a well-qualified buyer who was ready to leave his job in corporate America. This buyer was well positioned financially and poised to be an ideal business owner, judging from his background. We found an ideal business with the right infrastructure, cash flow, location and in a growing industry. We moved […]

Did you know less than 40% of small businesses listed for sale, actually sell? I know, scary! While the reasons vary, the main reason is that business owners do not have an action plan in place to sell their business. When should a business owner start their exit plan? The Vant Group recommends that the […]

Deciding the market value of a business is the most difficult part of the selling process. Business owners often have misconceptions, believing the business is worth more than the market value. A broker or a business valuation service is the best bet in determining a value that is in line with what the market is […]

Exit planning provides the road map to control your own destiny; to successfully sell your business and transition to the next stage of your life. “If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else!”  Yogi Berra An exit plan helps to establish realistic business, personal and financial goals with a path […]