Closed Deal Case Study: Unrealistic Expectations of Business Value Challenge:  Business owner neglect led to a significant revenue decline without understanding the impact on the business value A business owner that sold home décor contacted The Vant Group (TVG) to sell their business. The business was over 10 years old and the owner was becoming […]

By David M. Wang, Esq. Collective Insights on business ownership has David Wang posing the question to business owners, “Should I Give Employees Equity in the Business?” with added food for thought from our in-house attorney consultant.   Many business owners need to find ways to recruit and retain employees. The cost of training employees […]

Losing Sight of the Big Picture is Easy to Do Challenge: To Recognize the True Value of an Acquisition, Not Just Focusing on Today TVG represented a project-based business that had a few million dollars in current backlog. This backlog represented over 100% of the current yearly revenue. When we went to market, our valuation was based […]

Knowing and Understanding ODCF – Owner’s Discretionary Cash Flow It cannot be stressed enough the importance of verifiable cash flow on a small business. Replacing an income from corporate America is the main drive for a high percentage of first-time buyers. They are typically looking for a small business to “cut their teeth on” for […]

Selling a Business – Woes to Heroes Challenge: Reporting Financials / Partner Disputes Due to partnership conflicts, a client went from being a passive minority investor to an active majority owner in a short amount of time. This was in an industry where they had limited knowledge. To further complicate the selling process, late paying […]

Unlock Your Business’s Potential The value of a small business is primarily driven by its profitability. In most small businesses, there are numerous opportunities to enhance revenues, increase gross margins, and reduce costs. Improvements in each of these areas can result in significant increases in the value of your business. For many small businesses, every […]

Murphy’s Law – “If something can go wrong, it will.” In this case, a deal killer or Murphy’s Law surrounds the concepts of communication and being mindful of a proven process. The Vant Group was engaged to assist the buyer in a business transfer purchase. They hired us to find a business, and quickly, the […]

– Like Anything In Life, There Are Pros And Cons Franchise Advantages Buying a franchise provides resources that can bridge the gap between learning a new business and industry by having a franchise system in place which ensures the likelihood of success through the initial transition years. The largest benefit of buying a franchise is […]

When surveying buyers on why they decided to buy a business, the most common answer is, “I’m tired of working for someone else”. While being your own boss can be a very rewarding experience, the desire to become a business owner does not automatically mean you should. As an employee with a steady and mostly […]