Buying or Selling Vision Care Practices

Get the Vant Advantage

Many vision care professionals are growing faster through acquisition than through sales.

The Vant Advantage begins with the fact that we have bought and sold many of our own businesses. And we have provided buyer and seller representation on hundreds of deals for our clients. We also understand both sides of the business transfers desk—and other key variables such as funding, valuation and business advisory services.

Selling your practice may very well be the largest financial transaction of your life—whether realized in gains or losses. The difference will be in how well your sell-side representative sources the best buyer and how accurately the value of your company is developed—and presented to that buyer. We offer the strongest sell-side performance metrics in the industry. We call it the Vant Advantage. You’ll call hiring us your best call ever.

The advantage begins from the very start of the selling process—with the right questions. From there, your TVG Business Intermediary will provide a priority list of the most likely type of buyers—and how to best sell to each.

When acquiring a practice we work with you to source, qualify, value, fund and close your next acquisition. Our value goes beyond merely searching for a deal. We know how to navigate the mine field that is the small and lower middle market. Our strategic relationships with other Investment Banks, Business Brokers, CPA firms and Financial advisors allows us to tap into a network of practice owners that are thinking about selling but not yet listed. And once we find the deal, we work to make sure that the numbers are in fact what they say they are. We help you structure the deal to increase the likelihood of financing. We work closely with all parties to close the deal so that your dreams become a reality. 

Why should I buy a practice instead of starting a new one?
What should I be looking for in a practice?
How long will it take to find a practice?
What steps can I take to avoid or reduce the risk of buying a practice?
Why do I have to sign a confidentiality agreement?
How to Sell to My Partners or Employees?
What is My Practice Worth?
What Is the Selling Process?
What If I Have a Buyer?
How Does My Inventory Level Impact Sale Price?
How Does My Equipment Impact Sale Price?

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