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Entrance – A Guide To Buying A Business


For a first-time buyer, the acquisition process can be intimidating and overwhelming. Complicating the process is the unfamiliarity of the business transfer process. As in any other aspect of the business environment, the factors of supply and demand are prevalent in the business transfer environment. There are an abundance of buyers looking for businesses compared to the supply of viable, profitable, attractive companies to purchase.


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This book is a synoptic excursion into the buying process to acquaint the reader with the major steps involved and, just as important, what to watch out for. It is our premise that a familiarization with the process, terms, and major players can shorten the time necessary to become successful in the acquisition process. ENTRANCE is free of in-depth financial analysis and industry or legal jargon.

The book is divided into the major phases of business transfer. The greatest benefit can be derived by treating it simply as a reference guide to be read before you consider buying a business and then again throughout the business transfer process. It is specifically designed to target small businesses.

Written by:
Alexander Vantarakis of The Vant Group


Table of Contents

  1. Buyer / Seller Motivation
  2. Buyer Profiles
  3. Getting Organized
  4. Finding a Deal
  5. Steps Involved in Buying a Business
  6. Franchises
  7. Understanding Owner’s Discretionary Cash Flow (ODCF)
  8. Funding / Financing
  9. Understanding the Valuation Process
  10. Due Diligence
  11. Documents to Move Forward
  12. Negotiating
  13. Preclosing Items
  14. Closing
  15. Post-closing / Transition
  16. Pitfalls to Avoid

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