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This book is a synoptic excursion into the buying process to acquaint the reader with the major steps involved and, just as important, what to watch out for. It is our premise that a familiarization with the process, terms, and major players can shorten the time necessary to become successful in the acquisition process. ENTRANCE is free of in-depth financial analysis and industry or legal jargon.

The book is divided into the major phases of business transfer. The greatest benefit can be derived by treating it simply as a reference guide to be read before you consider buying a business and then again throughout the business transfer process. It is specifically designed to target small businesses.

Written by:
Alexander Vantarakis of The Vant Group


Table of Contents

  1. Buyer / Seller Motivation
  2. Buyer Profiles
  3. Getting Organized
  4. Finding a Deal
  5. Steps Involved in Buying a Business
  6. Franchises
  7. Understanding Owner’s Discretionary Cash Flow (ODCF)
  8. Funding / Financing
  9. Understanding the Valuation Process
  10. Due Diligence
  11. Documents to Move Forward
  12. Negotiating
  13. Preclosing Items
  14. Closing
  15. Post-closing / Transition
  16. Pitfalls to Avoid

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