Plano Sell Side Advisory Services

With Plano sell side advisory services from The Vant Group, you can sell your business with confidence that the process is in the hands of highly experienced and skilled professionals.

Since 1999, The Vant Group has been working with business owners of all industries, helping them decide the right time to sell their businesses, and when they do, guide them through the process so that they can maximize the value of the sale while handing their company off to a buyer that will continue the legacy.

Not only do we provide sell side investment banking in Plano TX, but The Vant Group is a trusted resource for buy-side advisory, capital raises and general business advisory services. Our boutique investment banking services are designed to help our clients reach their goals!

Effective sell side advisory services in Plano TX

The Vant Group boasts MBAs and former business owners on our team, which provides us with the leverage needed to effectively sell your business. In fact, we have sold 90 percent of the businesses listed with our team, which is compared to the national average of 38 percent!

Business valuation is a crucial phase of this process, and The Vant Group is home to a brilliant appraisals department, which makes our Plano sell side investment banking services all the more effective. Our team will work with you to:

  • Develop a valuation: The team behind our Plano sell side advisory services will conduct market research to develop a valuation that accounts for current market trends. Our valuations are thorough and they carry weight.
  • Present the valuation: A good valuation is one you can defend — and we do. Our valuations include a compelling narrative that explains how we arrived at our conclusion.
  • Negotiate: This is where your valuation will be placed under scrutiny. Solid valuations will hold up. The Vant Group clients have gotten an average of 97 percent of their appraisal price, which is a testament to our effectiveness.

With our sell side investment banking in Plano TX, you will maximize your chances of selling your business and getting top dollar for it.

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