Mesquite Sell Side Advisory Services

When you’re selling a business, you need to lean on Mesquite sell side advisory services that are administered by professionals with transaction experience. In fact, experience is vital to the success of your transaction.

Here at The Vant Group, we bring that knowledge and experience to the mix as we work with clients of all different industries, helping them to sell their businesses effectively. We always start with a thorough consultation with each one of our clients so that we know what their ultimate goals are and then we go to work helping them get there.

Why The Vant Group for sell side investment banking in Mesquite TX?

If experience is what you’re looking for, The Vant Group is the perfect fit. We have been open since 1999 and our team members combine for decades of experience. We have MBAs and past business owners on our team that bring the real life experience needed to effectively maneuver the sale of a business.

In addition to this impressive level of education and training, our team has proven time, and time again, that they can sell businesses effectively. With our sell side advisory services in Mesquite TX, we have sold 90 percent of the businesses listed with us, receiving 97 percent of the appraisal price in the process. This underscores the fact that we’re not only skilled in selling businesses, but that we are able to do it for the right price.

Mesquite sell side investment banking that provides in-house funding

One of the many ways we provide a strategic advantage for buyers and sellers is that we provide in-house funding through our Mesquite sell side advisory services.

When we identify a buyer for your business, we can assist with financing. The lack of financing is a major factor in why deals fall apart. We remove that potential problem as a proactive way of identifying and eliminating deal killers.

Trust a leader in sell side investment banking in Mesquite TX

Selling a business puts a lot on the line — your money, legacy and hard work. Approach it the right way with The Vant Group and our Mesquite sell side advisory services.