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What are the key motivators for people going into business for themselves?

There are many motivating factors why people choose to go into business for themselves. But the ones that come up most often are the following:

  • To do my own thing, control my own destiny
  • Don’t want to work for someone else
  • To better use of my skills and talents
  • To make money

While money is a key motivator, it’s important to realize it may not always be the top factors.


Why should I buy a business instead of starting a business?
What should I be looking for in a business?
When should I get started looking for a business?
How long will it take to find a business?
What do I need in order to buy a business?
When should I hire attorneys and other advisors?
What steps can I take to avoid or reduce the risk of buying a business?
How can I get assistance in obtaining financing?
Why do I have to sign a confidentiality agreement?