PitchBook Dealmakers Column The current private equity deal-making environment is dynamic, marked by several key factors that may seem at odds with the economic landscape. It is counter-intuitive to think that there is a liquidity surplus of both debt and equity capital. Not only are there plenty of funds available, interest is strong from all […]

By Axial | April 7, 2016 For the owner of any small business, deciding to bring in an M&A advisor or investment banker is a big decision. For family businesses, the decision can bring additional trepidation around questions of ownership, legacy, family leadership dynamics, and more. Says Mark Kincannon of Confidential Business Intermediaries, which works […]

Understanding How External Factors like Interest Rates Affect the Sale Price in an M&A Transaction By Dirk Armbrust Sellers often have a number of factors to consider in selling their business… What’s my business worth? Am I ready? Is the team ready? Is this a good time to sell? The list goes on. The plain […]

Selling your business to employees or partners can maximize its value. Selling to your partners or employees is a viable and highly-profitable exit strategy that can maximize the value of your sale. Your partners and employees work in the business daily and understand the value proposition of the business—much better than anyone else. By using […]

Understanding Owner’s Discretionary Cash Flow – Part I Let the numbers do the talking We cannot stress enough the importance of hones and verifiable cash flow on the sale price of a small business. Many buyers and business brokers go as far as stating that cash flow is everything. Over 70% of small business buyers […]

BUYER PROFILES – Part II Turnaround Specialist In buyer classifications, there also exists a somewhat rare species known as the turnaround specialist.   This buyer is usually an experienced consultant looking for a bargain or diamond in the rough that he can transform from an under performing business to a profitable status. This type of buyer […]

BUYER PROFILES At first glance, it can be a bit overwhelming for buyers to acknowledge the many types of buyer groups that are active in the marketplace.  In reality, the different classes of buyers will be concentrated on distinct types of acquisition strategies at any one time.  It is our contention that an analysis of […]