Business Insights: Understanding Different Types of Buyers, the Buyer to Business Match-up

There are numerous possibilities for the types of buyers to whom a business would be sold. Options are often limited by the nature of the business (ie: the industry, the company’s size, profitability, the number of employees, whether family members are involved in the business, or whether there are co-owners).

Unless you have a partner or family member to whom you intend to transition the business to, most small businesses with valuations below $3,000,000 will be sold to a third-party individual. Others might be sold to employees. Businesses with valuations between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000 have more options as they might be sold to wealthy individuals, larger companies or private equity groups (PEGs). Middle market businesses with a valuation of $5,000,000 or more typically are beyond the reach of wealthy individuals and are acquired by larger businesses for strategic reasons or by PEGs looking for significant returns on their investments.

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